Friday, February 02, 2007

Some quick updates

Spent a chunk of the afternoon meeting with Jen and learning how to update the website...we're making progress but a lot of it will depend on my "learning curve"...(flat jokes anticipated)...

Incase you need to get over there, here's the linky-thing. We talked about a number of changes we can make to the page....(some have already happened) but look for more as we go along.

Some other things:

I'm sure all our Wood County Delegation joins in mourning the passing of the Great Liberal Columnist (and Humorists) Molly Ivans. It was just a few days ago that the public learned that the Cancer Molly had fought off last Summer came back (as she put it )" with a vengence" and had spread throughout her body. Molly was wonderful. I will miss her work very much. The Rude Pundit summed it up better than I on the link for a wonderful tribute to Molly and our other recently lost friend, Art Buchwald. The picture of Molly at the left was taken from her Obit in The Austin Statesman

Rest In Peace, Molly......

In the political gossip Department(s)

The Mayor of San Francisco , Gavin Newsom, (a recent Democratic hero?) admitted to having an affair with a staffers wife today....As Bob Hope used to say about political scandals...."With Republicans it's always about MONEY, with Democrats it's always about SEX" . In the grand scheme of things this is probably a "non-story" but it's probably enough to undo any National Political Aspirations Newsom may have....the pic at right is from Yahoo and shows Gavin and his wife in happier times.... the picture below is the lady he had the affair with.....interesting of course but BREAKING NEWS!?

Al Franken is running for the Senate....we all expected that of course but the news has been leaked like crazy today even though Franken had said that there wouldn't be any announcements until after he leaves Air America on February 14. How do you feel about that? I have somewhat mixed emotions although, I would probably vote for Mickey Mouse if it meant getting sleazy Norm Coleman out of the Senate. Comments are most welcome!

Did anybody catch Joe Biden on The Daily Show with Jon Stewert last night? Biden had announced his candidacy for the Democratic Nomination earlier in the day and then proceeded to insult Barak Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Shirley Chisholm and another black politician by refering to Obama as the first African-American to run who was "articulate" and "clean"......I understand that when Biden personally called Al Sharpton to apologize, Sharpton started off the conversation by assuring Biden that he "takes a bath every day." Marty Kaplan at Huffington Post put it in the most humorous way I've seen

Stumbling badly out of the gate, Sen Joe Biden (D-MBNA) will be put down, it has been learned. "We've tried everything," his trainer said. "Plugs, blogs, GaffEx, repunctuation, Jon Stewart -- nothing's worked. At this point, it's the humane thing to do." Spin doctors believe that the new injury proved intractable because it fractured the same joint weakened twice before, in the Kinnock Derby and the Hill-Thomas Stakes.



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