Tuesday, October 10, 2006

N Korea Policy for generation "Y"

Our good friend, The Plaid Adder has a great diary up this morning. And, as always, she mixes serious commentary with humor in explaining (or trying to explain) Dubya's policy toward North Korea.

Here's a snippet:

North Korea likewise has been a thorn in everyone's side for quite some time. But it was Bush's idea to decide back in 2003 that instead of trying to deal effectively with a nutball Communist dictator who was jumping up and down chanting, "We got nukes, yes we do, we got nukes, how bout you?", he was going to war against a completely different country whose nutball dictator didn't have any. It was truly surreal watching it. "It's up to Saddam Hussein to prove he didn't have weapons of mass destruction!" Dude...do you not see the crazy man with the giant nuclear warhead? He's standing over there on the right, just below where China is. _I_ can see him. Look, he's waving at you. Oh look, now he's giving you the...dude, what _is_ it with you and Iraq? Do they have the world's biggest shiny object, or what?

You can read the whole link here

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