Sunday, October 29, 2006

The alternative:

to voting is this

Pitchforks and Torches......

and then, of course there's our old friend Mike Lukovich's comic entitled, "Halloween at the Cheney's"

The only real bummer today was opening up the on-line version of the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune and discovering that, after interviewing both candidates before the Editorial Board, they decided to endorse Dave Wessner for Sheriff instead of Tom Reichert. Actually, I was a little bit confused by the editorial because it recited the many fine qualities of both Tom and Dave and then, without apparent explanation, endorsed Wessner.

The worst bummer though was reading the reader's comments on the editorial the time I looked at them there were two...and both were not only negative toward Tom, but downright boardered on bigoted...apparantly slamming Dave's graduation from Assumption...pretty bad...I guess I was hoping for better from this campaign...

I guess the only opinions that will count are those that will be in the form of ballots on election day......


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