Saturday, October 14, 2006

A couple of things

First, Digby and a few others have posted to an article from the Washington Blade, a newspaper dedicated to the glbt community in Washington DC (mostly underground or "in the closet") about closeted gays working as lobbyists or congressional staffers in the Republican establishment being concerned about being "outed" or fired for their orientation. It's pointed out that these same people spend their entire work day trying to destroy gay and lesbian families and then at night expect compassion from the rest of the community. Was it Shakespeare who penned, "This, above all. To thine own self be true." For those who have sold their souls to the forces of intolerance I offer only this:

Also Mahablog has this chilling article about the current culture among Republican youth . So wierd HTML stuff happening with that site so I can't clip and paste a "snippet" but read the's bone-chilling.


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Jen said...

The sad truth is that Mark Foley had the opportunity to help further understanding and help prevent future attrocities, but instead, he shifted blame onto his recently acquired drinking habit and a non-existent priest. What he should have said is this:

"I cannot excuse my actions, but I wish to comment on why I engaged in such dark sexual activity. The intolerance of homosexuals within my own party, the Republican party, has forced people like me so far into the closet that the only feasible means to satisfy my urges was by abusing power and using intimidation. For that, I am sorry. I was unable to have an open, consentual, adult relationship because my colleagues would have deemed that unacceptible. I cannot excuse my actions, but I wish to explain in order to further understanding. I had the option of leaving office and living some semblance of a normal life, but I did not want to leave the House. One should not have to choose between public service and the ability to have a normal, adult relationship. The more this party demonstrates its intolerance of those in the LGBT community, the more people such as myself are forced into a dark corner of the closet."

That is what he should have said. But he didn't. He is making excuses, not furthering understanding. Those in his party are spewing fallacious statements to add to this culture of hate, saying that homosexual men are the largest group of child molesters (I guess the numerous women who have been molested as girls don't count). The Republican party in their handling of this situation makes the Catholic Church look like a group of whistle-blowers by comparison. What a shameful situation.

What infuriates me even more are those in the media and those in the Congress who responded, "well, he is single." As if all single people are homosexual pedophiles! Give me a break. Open homosexual couples don't necessarily want to be "single." They want the right to "make it official." We should give them that right. We should try to encourage healthy, consentual, monogamous adult relationships to better our society. But then again, the Republicans were never about those values. The divorce rate among Republican elected officials are surely more of a threat to the integrity of marriage than allowing loving, same-sex couples to wed could ever be.