Friday, August 25, 2006

Visiting an Old Friend

I "stopped in" to visit an old friend: Stephen C. Day at Last Chance Democracy Cafe.

Sometimes I feel guilty stopping in there because I always take something rich and valuable away with me when I leave. I try occassionally to leave a comment behind in payment but my meager words hardly seem just compensation for his excellent insights and beautiful prose.

I'll also have to admit that I find stopping in to take in the latest episode of the Last Chance Democracy Cafe and visiting with Horace and Tom and the "guys" is just as fulfilling as stopping down at The Daily Grind and having coffee with the locals.

At any rate, let me treat you to a visit also. Here are a few snippets from his post entitled, "Like a Mesquito at a Nudist Colony" . Enjoy.

Republicans have always claimed that they’re against big government. But then a funny thing happened when they started running the whole show in Washington. Government didn’t get smaller. It got bigger. It got a lot bigger. And you want to know something else funny: The last time a Democrat, Bill Clinton, was president government got smaller. A lot smaller.


It’s the same sorry story over and over again. Big Government Republican Style is all about using our government as a slush fund to pay off Republican campaign contributors. They even have a name for it — it’s called the K Street Project. That’s how brazen they’ve become. That’s how little they even try to hide it anymore.

Steve is absolutely right, you know....there's so much to choose from in this campaign, it's hard to know where to begin....Maybe Democrats aren't in disarray...maybe we just have too many choices on how to defeat the Republicans...


On edit: I found this lovely "snippet" in the "Ask Winston" (one of the regulars in the cafe) Column....

Dear Winston,
Instead of just bellyaching all the time, why don’t you Democrats ever talk about all of the good things President Bush has done?
Pissed Off in Peoria
* * *
Dear Pissed Off,
For pretty much the same reason we never talk about all the good things the Bubonic Plague has done.

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