Tuesday, August 15, 2006


In case some of you didn't get Dave's message, we have some "wish lists" for our Marshfield office (and I suspect the Wisconsin Rapids Office eventually) If you can donate any of these things.

1. MONEY- We will once again have two offices, one in Rapids and one in Marshfield, open and staffed for the 2006 election season. This will be quite costly. We desperately need dollars.
We have already raised some money from our regulars at county party meetings and a special mailing to likely donors. It’s vitally important to raise significant additional funds for fall. Can we count on you for a special contribution to keep out county party offices open?
2. TIME (Call me at 715-384-8764 to volunteer)
We need volunteers this fall to man the offices in the two venues. We also need volunteers to work the booth at the Central Wisconsin State Fair Labor Day weekend in Marshfield.
Our Marshfield office is located at 230 S. Central Avenue. We have moved in and are in the process of opening soon. John and Dede looked at Rapids office sites yesterday. We anticipate a post-Labor Day opening there.
3. STUFF (Call me at 715-384-8764 )
We need a fall loan or an outright donation of the following items to furnish our offices:
-a large American flag with a holder that can be mounted
-working computers/equipment (preferably with newer systems Windows 2000 or newer)
-a tv stand
-a table/stand to support a stereo system
-desks, tables and a free standing coat rack
-a bar stool
-a DVD player

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LoLo said...

By now, we have acquired a TV stand and a table which supports the stereo system. We also have a firm offer of a bar stool, not for sidling up to a bar, but rather to set our weary buns down as we welcome folks from the reception counter. We are still in need of technology--computers, phones, DVD.
Thanks for publishing this list, Ed.