Saturday, August 26, 2006

Divide that number by 2.....

Sometimes my memory does strange things.

Sometimes I make connections that others think ...well...strange....

take this for instance...

This evening I was enjoying sitting out on the porch, sipping a glass of wine and contemplating many of the (political) events of the last week. When suddenly, I thought about a really, really stupid movie I saw a few years back about professional beach volley-ball players. I don't even remember the name of the movie but I remember the lame, hackneyed know it too...the washed up champion teaming up with a hot-shot, selfish maverick to win the biggest prize in the beach-volleyball circuit...the same theme has been done over and over and over again just substituting volleyball for...(insert sport name here).

The thing I remembered though was something that was unique to this sports movie from others that I've seen. You see, apparently, in beach volleyball teamwork is important. Like maybe it is in ALL SPORTS ...(well duhhhhhhh) the character playing the grizzled, old pro set out to teach the young, upstart maverick all about teamwork and he did it in a unique way. Whenever he served or did a "set" he would call out a number, and the maverick was instructed to DIVIDE THAT NUMBER BY TWO and shout out the result. The effect, of course, was that the maverick would have to concentrate ON THAT NUMBER and forget about grandstanding, showboating, hot-dogging or playing to the camera, thereby becoming....are you ready for this???? A TEAM PLAYER

So why do you think this popped into my mind this evening?


Politics is a team sport too. And recently, it seems, from the National level all the way down to the grass roots we're seeing a lot of brash, mavericks. It's almost in the "every man (woman) for himself" mode right now....but the truth is that no Democrats can prosper individually unless all of us Democrats prosper collectively.


The next time we have a party project to do.....when our leaders call out a number, divide it by two and shout it out while you do the project.

Have a nice weekend everybody.....


LoLo said...

So true! Teamwork, unity, one purpose--whatever name you give it, is really the name of the "game".

Thanks for the memory connection, which, when considered carefully, is not strange at all--it is the hallmark of creative minds everywhere.

Ed said...

I have been "reliably informed" by a reader that the name of that "cheesy sports movie" is