Friday, August 04, 2006

Too funny

In his first and only attempt at riding a horse, then Governor Bush was helped aboard a carefully chosen steed and, once he was firmly in the saddle, the horse was released.Almost immediately, Mr Bush lost control and, in a frightening scene, tumbled from the saddle, his foot caught in a stirrup. The horse continued on as Mr Bush, screaming wildly, was dragged behind it. His aides rushed to help but there seemed little they could do -- the horse was so wild and Mr Bush was so tangled in the rig. Onward the horse rushed as Gov. Bush's head bounced violently on the ground. It seemed all was lost and the witnesses were convinced Mr Bush would be maimed, if not killed outright. Fortunately, the Wal-Mart manager came out in the nick of time and pulled the plug, otherwise Mr Bush might have been trampled before his quarter's-worth of time expired.Ever since, Mr Bush has shied away from the ponies.

I don't know who wrote the original text above but I've seen a couple of versions of it on the web. The "kernel of Truth" in it of course, is the widely-reported information that GWB is actually afraid of horses.

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