Wednesday, August 02, 2006

...and pinch hitting for THE RUDE PUNDIT....

is Shakespear's Sister. And She (I assume it's a she) is every bit as RUDE as the RUDE ONE HIMSELF.

If you're offended by rude, crude language, then this link IS NOT FOR YOU.
and a snippet for your amusement:
There are a lot of apathetic jerkoffs in this country who love to take a long slug of shitty beer and utter what they consider the epitome of nuanced political thought: “There’s no difference between the two parties, anyway.” Stunningly original, I’ll acquiesce, but incorrect nonetheless. That this tired drip of dogwank wisdom is still hanging around after six years of indisputable evidence that there was indeed a great deal of difference between George Bush and Al Gore, whose contest in 2000 was defined by that nugget of nonsense, is indicative of how lazy and unengaged the people who employ it really are. I’d have more respect for them if they were honest enough to admit, “I don’t care enough to pay attention, so I don’t have an opinion.” And if they were brave enough to add, “Which makes me a completely useless fuck who has no basis for complaint,” I’d give them a bloody medal.

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