Thursday, May 04, 2006

My faith in juries has been restored

Zacarias Moussaoui has been sentenced to life in prison as opposed to receiving the Death sentence. As I said on another board, I'm "okay" with that sentence. Generally, I am opposed to the death penalty anyway but admit that there are times when I see people who commit such dispicable crimes that I waver....even though I understand that I'm referring to revenge as opposed to justice. In the case of Moussaoui, it was clear to me that he wasn't a 9/11 hijacker and he had nothing to do with the deaths of the people in the towers, the pentagon or Flight 93.

Moussaoui is a nutcase.

Pure and simple. He was too unreliable for even the nutcases who planned 9/11/01.

My favorite pundit, the rude one....put it best:

here's a snippet:

One of those family members was the cute-as-a-kitten Carie Lemack, a founder of Familes of September 11, who lost her mother, Judy Larocque, on that day. The quote of hers that's made the rounds of the news is her smackdown of Moussaoui: "He's going to be in jail for the rest of his life, which is exactly what this man deserves. He's an al Qaeda wannabe. And he does not deserve any credit for 9/11, because he was not part of that. And I am so glad the jury recognized that and realized that he just wanted to kill Americans, but he wasn't even skilled enough to be able to do that." Or the shorter quote: "[T]his man was an al Qaeda wannabe who could never have put together the 9/11 attacks."

"We have to look at the real problems in this country. If we're going to blame Zacarias Moussaoui, he's not the real problem. The real problem are the terrorists who do want to kill us, like Osama bin Laden, who is still not captured."

The jury recognized this. There is intelligent life left in the United States.

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LoLo said...

I couldn't agree more. I am never for the death penalty but especially not in this case. The jury in this case really "got it."

btw: I just received an email from Lindsey who is putting on the Fair Wisconsin workshop in Marshfield on Monday. She actually read our blog and thanked me for the endorsement. (Well, either that, or someone mentioned it to her--either way, a hat tip to you, Linsey!)