Friday, May 05, 2006

Did I mention that LoLo is a Star???

Our friend and team poster LoLo was singled out and lauded for her efforts in organizing in Marshfield while she was a the Democratic Leadership Institute in Merrimac last weekend......Now we all KNEW LOLO was special but now the rest of the state knows that too..

Lets hear it for LoLo
Cheers LOLO!


LoLo said...

Oh, Ed, I'm turning all shades of blotchy red. On second thought, how very sweet of you to post this. Everyone deserves at least 15 fleeting seconds of fame. Oh,oh, my head feels very strange. It's suddenly swelling to an enormous size. My forehead is twice the bandwidth of Tony Snowjob's brow and it continues its amazing expansion. Funny, I don't feel one bit smarter, but I do feel an explosion coming on! Splat!

Ed said...

What I want to know is:

How come none of my favorite teachers had a sense of humor like LOLO?


LoLo said...

Is it possible they were all Repugs???????