Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Fair Wisconsin News

Last night I attended a meeting of the Fair Wisconsin group. Ed was there, also, as well as several others active in this group. This is the group which is working diigently to overturn the "ban on civil unions and marriage" (NOTICE THE FRAMING!!!!) which will appear on the November ballot. On May 20, this group will be canvassing door to door in Marshfield to talk to and educate voters about the dangers of this proposal. The canvassing will begin at Linda Melski's home at 1136 W. Ives. She is the local contact for Fair Wisconsin. The group also plans to decorate and enter a float in the Dairyfest Parade (and perhaps other events later). They are also looking for stories about real people likely to be hurt by this proposed ban. (Please limit to 1-2 paragraphs, names will be left out (unless you want them published), only the town name will be published, and email or send them to Patty Faber at pkf@tznet.com or W136 Meadow View Road, Spencer, WI 54479. She will put them on her newly-designed website.

How does all of this affect you??? This group needs volunteers to help canvas on May 20, they need volunteers to help decorate a float in late May-early June, they need contributions, and they need people to speak out against the ban on civil unions and marriage.

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