Sunday, January 29, 2006

Thanks, I'll watch THE WEATHER CHANNEL instead

It's getting to the point where I can't watch the Sunday morning talk shows anymore. They don't educate me anymore; they only increase the profits of the manufacturers of blood pressure medications and anti-acids. The once-trusted moderators are now suspect in their motives and loyalties. For instance:

Tim Russert, of Meet the Press fails to disclose that he is a central player in the Valerie Plame outing and continues to report on the case pretending he is an uninterested observer. In addition, last week, he lead a "lovefest" over James Carville's new sports radio talk show...while being effusive in his praise and pumping for the show he failed to mention Carville's co-host: Tim Russert's son!

Bob Schieffer, of Face the Nation has an "exclusive interview" with Dubya which fails to note that Sheieffer's brother was first appointed by Dubya to be Ambassador to Australia and now has been appointed as Ambassador to Japan.

And what can you say about Chris Mathews of Hardball? He continues to pound hard on two Republican talking points regarding the Abramoff scandal (that Abramoff gave to both Democrats and Republicans; and, that what Abramoff was doing isn't actually illegal but just the way business is done in Washington) without disclosing that he was scheduled to be the feature speaker at a fundraiser for the scam charity run by both Delay and Abramoff, The Capitol Athletic Fund. Additionally, Chris is often a well-paid speaker before business and trade groups.


Who can you trust?

The Weather Channel. At least you know the only thing they're trying to sell you is video of the Storm Stories series.


note: thanks lolo for reminding me to reset the time.... :0

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LoLo said...

Thanks for resetting the time and also for reporting on all the "connections" that go on by presumedly unbiased reporters.