Monday, January 30, 2006

'The filibuster was defeated

I'm pretty bummed out over it and some people are really despondent but Ben Burch of the White Rose Society had some encouraging words.

But we did win, and I'll tell you how;

Eight days ago, there was no opposition to Alito whatsoever. No filibuster was planned, and even had one been started, there was not a chance in hell that anybody but the one Senator to propose it would vote against cloture. The Far Right had just had "Justice Sunday" an illegal use of the pulpit to promote a political agenda which they spent millions of dollars on in order to motivate their zombie-like zealots, and it looked like no opposition was even possible.

In that eight days, we worked a miracle; We got the man who was elected President in the last stolen election to declare that he was going to filibuster, and we got MANY (I don't have the final count) Democratic Senators to vote NAY on cloture. We organized a campaign entirely through our resources here on the Internet, and swamped every fax machine and phone line in Washington DC and elsewhere with our message to vote against Alito and against cloture. We have proven that we can motivate and act with little money and few resources a campaign that nearly set the massively funded GOP Fascist Juggernaut on its ear.

And we learned who our friends are; Those Senators, bloggers, and broadcasters who stood by us, or who were honest enough to be convinced by us to support our Cause deserve our praise and unending support in the dark days to come.

-Ben Burch
White Rose Society Webmaster

Yeah, this defeat sucks.

Yeah, our leadership could have done more.

but now is not the time for defeatism....we, that is, those of us who fought in this latest battle, need each other more than ever...we need to recruit more people to our (just) cause and rally them around our banner.

We need to weed out the traitors, the quislings, the Vichy Democrats and replace them with those who have the courage to LEAD in thive their legislative districts instead of following the polls...those same polls that have been driven by hours upon hours of RW propaganda telling people what to think and say...

It's not going to be easy.

Oh yes, one more thing. We certainly didn't win today. But we didn't lose either...politically that is....we had nothing to lose going into today...absolutely nothing.

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