Friday, January 27, 2006

Friday Thread

Just a few notes:

Marshfield News-Herald this morning shows Amy Sue and Marlin will vote to over-ride Governor's Veto of Concealed Carry. No comment.

Things don't look too good for sustaining a filibuster on Judge Alito. There seems to be a lot of Democrats running scared. Some are just afraid of Frist pulling his so-called Nuclear Option of doing away with the filibuster altogether. Our old favorite The Rude Pundit has something to say about that:

For Democrats to actually fear an ad campaign that says, with low, evil music playing, "Charles Schumer wouldn't let the nomination of Samuel Alito come to a vote on the floor of the Senate" is to fear dust mites, to fear shadows. Besides, the instant comeback of "Didn't filibuster Roberts, bitch" seems to take out the whole obstructionist charge.


As Republicans fret and fume if a filibuster happens, threatening some recriminations, even the "nuclear option," remember this from everything we know about Rovean politics, the way of the wolverine: they attack when frightened. They don't compromise. They don't look for solutions. They attack and attack until they get what they want. And if they still don't get it, they try to do it anyway.


Politics is about power, (explitive deleted) Use it or lose it. Sure, sure, there's easy principles to defend in blocking Alito because of what Alito believes, but there's also the pure assertion of power against those who seek to disempower the rest of us.

Warning....that website contains a lot of profanity so if you're the least bit sensitive to it, don't go.


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