Friday, April 18, 2008

Coffee with the Dems....

Just a few quick updates...

Had coffee with the retired Dems again this morning and it was an active and lively group. We discussed everything from the shameful media event that was falsely advertised as a debate on Wednesday night to the Marshfield Smoking ban to the fun we had visiting with Julie Lassa last Wednesday morning.

We also had a lot of fun sparring with the table of local Republicans about LoLo's Obama 08 tee was all pretty good natured.

I've invited Amy Sue's staff to join into the blogging as well as Julie's staff. I suspect neither staff has the time to devote to it so I asked that they keep me informed about meetings within the district as well as any legislative initiatives they are taking in our behalf.

I understand Amy-Sue is going to be making the rounds of listening sessions late this month so I've asked the staff for her schedule....I'll post it here when I get it. (okay,okay,okay....I LOST the newsletter)

Dave tells me that the meeting went well last night. Now that my committee assignments have been changed I plan on attending more meetings.

feel free to leave a comment and join in....I know we're getting some decent traffic....(for us anyway) 30-35 hits per don't be shy....jump in.

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