Monday, February 25, 2008

Lots to catch up on

Lots of things to talk about.

It looks like primary season and the "brickbats" thrown between the Hillary Camp and the Obama Camp may shortly come to an least maybe after the Texas and Ohio primaries.

The Repubs aren't wasting much time though. They've already started attacking Barak Obama on just about every word that comes out of his mouth. Like this Bill Kristol article yesterday (by way of Digby) snip:

But Obama chose to present his flag-pin removal as a principled gesture. “You know, the truth is that right after 9/11, I had a pin. Shortly after 9/11, particularly because as we’re talking about the Iraq war, that became a substitute for I think true patriotism, which is speaking out on issues that are of importance to our national security, I decided I won’t wear that pin on my chest.”

Leave aside the claim that “speaking out on issues” constitutes true patriotism.

Yep, that certainly does remind me of the painful scene in Office Space where Jennifer Anniston was criticized by her boss for not wearing enough "flair" on her uniform. She eventually gave the guy the finger and quit....Pretty snide huh? I'll bet we haven't seen anything yet!

And then there's (Saint) John seems that the "Straight-Talk Express" is really powered by lobbyist money and McCain apparently never met a lobbyist he didn't like...and one in particular, he seemed to "like" A WHOLE LOT! But because the story was broken by the New York Times, you know that "liberal rag", and never mind that the ultra-conservative Washington Post also broke the story, the right wing Wurlitzer is buzzing in defense of the nominee apparent. So Rush and Ann are now firm McCainenites...(sarcasm/on)who would have guessed? (sarcasm/off)

On the local level....I apologize for missing the announcement of the regular Monthly meeting last Thursday night. I had another civic obligation to attend (actually two in addition to our meeting) and couldn't attend...that should end in April though...

I hear that the meeting got a little....ummmmm....let's see....ummmm .....





I'm looking for the right words here folks...anybody want to join in?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Congratulations Senator Obama

A Stunning Victory!
Let me ponder for a long has it been since the Democratic Party has TWO world-class candidates to choose from?
Not for many years my friends, not for many years....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Vote Dammit!!!

Today is THE DAY!!! All the sniping (on other blogs) doesn't mean diddly if you don't vote.....
on edit: 1:57PM
I have now received my fourth robo-call today from the campaigns...and they have been evenly divided..two from Hillary's Campaign and two from Obama's campaign. I've had three previous calls since Saturday....anybody else getting bombarded?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Captured! Picture of Liberal Tree Hugger

As you can probably tell, I'm bored out of my mind today because I have a touch of the flu and can't do much but punch (contaminate) my keyboard while in a nice warm rob, wearing slipper socks and sipping a nice, hot (todie) liquid.

Hope everyone is well tonight....

Be careful on the roads, the liquid from the salt is starting to freeze over again.

All in favor of "calling the question" on Winter, raise your hands....

Hey DeDE will you count the votes?

Back when I smoked a pipe....

I think this would have come in handy....

(thanks to WTF IS IT NOW.BLOGSPOT.COM for the pic)

Campaign Messages

Here are some messages from LoLo and Dave concerning campaign activites for both of the major candidates...I'm passing them along to you.

Re: Hillary's Campaign

from Dave:

Here is the contact information for Hillary's campaign. Our office is located at 308 2nd St in Stevens Point, and the phone here is (715) 544-4014, and my cell phone is (603) 289-8660. I can also be reached by email at any time (, or, and our office is open around the clock, 7 days a week (for people traveling from out of town to the area, please have them call us beforehand, so we can make sure to be around when they get here!)

from Lolo:

Tomorrow from 3-4 pm. Bill Clinton is appearing at the Radisson Ballroom in La Crosse--free, no tickets, needed, first come first served. (source: La Crosse Tribune) and various Madison media outlets.

Obama Campaign:

I also have some Obama information. They will have canvassing going on Saturday through Tuesday from 9a.m. to 8p.m. in Wausau, leaving from Washington Square Mall. Shifts are 9-1, 1-4, 4-8. And their office is open in Stevens Point at the Main Street address I previously gave you.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It looks like Dave has taken up snowmobiling too eh?

More truth than fiction

Hi all....Bill in Portland Maine over at DailyKos treats us to a bit of levity this morning with a parody of how the primary season seems to be going....


[Beep!] Hello, this is Barack Obama reminding you to come out and caucus for me on Sunday. Together we can bring hope and change to America. Thank you.
[Beep!] Hello, this is Hillary Clinton. If you agree that we need a new direction in America, please caucus for me on Sunday. I have the experience needed to hit the ground running on day one. Thank you.
[Beep!] Hi, Barack again. Did Hillary just call you? Look, she and I were friends before the primary season and we'll be friends after. But right now she's just acting crazy, understand? Vote for me and I may let you stand next to me at my inauguration.
[Beep!] Hillary here. Barack's feeding you a line 'o crap and he knows it. Not only will I let you stand next to me at my inauguration, but I'll give you the cabinet position of your choice. You have to admit, that's pretty sweet. Love ya!
[Beep!] Hey, it's Barack. Love ya more. Wanna be my VP?
[Beep!] Oh, he's not gonna make you vice president and he knows it!
[Beep!] Will too!
[Beep!] Will not!
[Beep!] This is Chelsea Clinton. Have you seen my mom or my dad? I'm supposed to be at a rally with 'em but there's no one here. Today's Nebraska, right?
[Beep!] Hi, this is Oprah. Despite what the Clinton campaign says, I am not going to crush your skull between my thighs if you don’t vote for my man Barack. That would let you off too easy! Hint hint.
[Beep!] Hi, Barack again. That wasn't Oprah. That was Hillary pretending to be Oprah. You see how these people work? I think it's... Oh, wait, it was Oprah. Never mind. Vote for me!
[Beep!] Hi, this is Chuck Norris. I'm hiding behind your bathroom door, and as soon as you come in to pee I'm gonna break every bone in your Defeatocrat body. I'll start with your femurs.
[Beep!] Hi, this is Mike Gravel. Chuck's hanging by his underwear from a hook on the back of your bathroom door. The police are on their way. Wish I could stay but I've gotta stop a meteor that's hurtling toward Earth. Have a nice pee.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sad News

Our friend Marlys Matusak passed away last Friday night or Saturday Morning. Marlys had been very ill for some time.

Arrangements have been made for Marlys's service.It will be held this Saturday February 16th at theRose Garden in Wausau beginning at 12 noon and lasting until about 2 p.m.The Rose Garden is located at: 131Thomas Street and their telephone is715-843-7673.The family will be available to meet visitors at about 11:30.

If anybody from Wood County wants to go, contact Dave Wille.

Dave Wille, First Vice Chair, will assume duties for the 7th Congressional District.

I can't imagine the 7th Congressional District without Marlys. She was a force...she had a strong and demanding personality that was the organizing force of the 7th CD Democrats. As formidable as she was in her official capacity she was an equally formidable friend. I met her over 25 years ago and immediately recognized she was the one "in charge". She was in charge then and remained in charge until she died.
I will miss her greatly.

Rest in Peace Marlys.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Help Needed!

I don't normally do this but I think Digby and Monkeyfister are quite an inspiration and I will rise to their request for a "blogswarm" because the cause is true, just and non-controversial.

I don't know how many noticed that during the excitment of Super Tuesday there were many severe storms hitting the southcentral and southeastern part of the country. In fact, it was the worst tornado outbreak since 1981 and historical in the fact that it was the only recorded tornado outbreak of that severity in the month of February....EVER! (Global climate change anyone?)

The extent of damage and human suffering resulting from this outbreak is just now sinking in to our bone-headed national media but Digby and Monkeyfister are trying to do something about it....let me quote Monkeyfister:

As Scout Prime is to NOLA, I am, suddenly, to the Mid-South area (I LIVE here, and was Live-Blogging these horrible storms all night), and have started to get the help-ball rolling down here. Some of you know where I work. I started a Food Drive there today for the Mid-South United Way Food Bank.As the area affected is so broad and detached, and everyone in the Country was distracted by politics last night, as yet, there is no central assistance hub set-up. So, at the link, above, you'll find the two agencies with the broadest radius to help the area right now. Both take DIRECT donations.

.".... I can't describe how wide-spread the damage is down here. It's enormous. The Media, per usual, is only just now waking up to the situation, after their Super-Duper-Let's-All-Wet-Our-Pants-Together- Tuesday Political Hangover. Like NOLA, these are REALLY poor folks down here, and have nothing, and nowhere to go."

And here are the links she talked about:

Right now, I recommend the:American Red CrossMid-South Chapter1400 Central AvenueMemphis, TN 38104901-726-1690

And:United Way of the Mid-South phone in a donation at (901) 433-4300.

If you have anything to spare, please do what you can.

It's only because I am a "weather geek" that I have seen the devastation from these storms on the Weather Channel. There is video at the link that will break your heart.

UPDATE: Since Monkeyfist's original post, the death toll has risen to 55. Damn...even with the sophisticated warning systems in place .....damn....

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Tuesday was.....

Well, Super Tuesday is over and what did it prove?

Both Obama and Clinton camps have huge successes they can point to and claim the day a victory for their side.....but neither side landed the definitive "knock out blow" that they were looking for.

So the race goes on and from a purely geocentric, egocentric point of view, I'm rather happy about that because it means we may actually stand a chance of having a real, live Presidential Nominee candidate visit our area soon. I'm guessing that such a visit will take place in ...say...maybe Stevens Point because of the target rich environment of young voters that the city is famous for and, becasue it will draw crowds from many different directions to assure a suitable media event for the candidate....

Because of the relatively small number of delegates that Edwards was able to muster yesterday, I'm beginning to think that there isn't much hope of getting him enough votes in Wisconsin to negotiate with the other two candidates. That means that I, like many of you, am going to be forced into making a choice on Feb 19.....

Actually, this could be fun.

Repeat after me.....

McCain = Bush

McCain = Bush

McCain = Bush....

proof? ya want proof ya say......

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Dreaded X-Post....

Yeah, I know....I'm lazy...but come IS Superbowl Sunday.. (click the linky-thing.)

btw: Dave Obey will give a Federal Budget update in Marshfield tomorrow in City Council Chambers from 11:30 to 12:30....come up and say "Hi" to Dave.

and just for fun.....

Tbogg treats us to some classic rightwingnuttery over the Republican Nomination here's a snippet:

First choice for Mitt! seems to be the reanimated corpse of "Can't Fog A Mirror" Fred Thompson, but others are pulling for Duncan Hunter (I am not fucking kidding), Condoleezza Rice (our first gay Vice President!), and Michael Steele (because... well, you know, the Democrats are doing it), and JC Watts (see Steele, Michael).


Friday, February 01, 2008


"And just where is your Hillary flair?"