Friday, May 09, 2008


Sorry I've been away for a while but things have been a whirlwind around here for a couple of seems like there has been one demand on me after another and I haven't even had time to update my personal blog in quite a long time. Here are a few goodies.

The McCain (god-forbid) Presidency:

And a few words from Matt Yglesis that reflects how most of us felt about the decision to go to war and the continuing insistence by the media on interviewing and cannonizing only those who were dead, center WRONG on the war. Matt does a good job here:

This reflects, I believe, an incredibly damaging mindset that's been crippling the Democratic Party for years and the prospect of excising this mindset is the single most appealing thing about the prospect of Obama being the nominee. Clinton's "street cred" on national security consists, of course, of being massively wrong on the most important national security issue of her career. Paradoxically, a lot of folks find her massive wrongness on this hugely important issue reassuring because they and their friends were also wrong and they view having made the right call to be a suspicious quality. After all, the Iraq War may have led to thousands of U.S. deaths, tens of thousands of U.S. casualties, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi deaths, and millions of Iraqi refugees all at a cost of over $1 trillion and in ways that's damaged the strategic position of the United States, but war opponents were all a bunch of hippies.

In other news:

Thanks Norm Tritz for getting the Democratic Party Float out to Pittsville on Monday. And thanks also to Dean Matthews for letting us store it on his site until the Construction on Western Ave is completed.

Congratulations to Dave Wille for a successful 7th Congressional District Convention. As you know, Dave, as first Vice Chair assumed the reins of the 7th Congressional District when Marlys passed away last year. Dave presided over the convention which was the first time in over thirty years that someone other than Marlys had presided. Dave chose not to run for a full term as 7th CD Chair but remains first vice chair.