Sunday, March 02, 2008

Respect for Conservatives?

I wrote a pretty good tribute (I think) to William F. Buckley over on my own blog the day after he passed away. Although some of Buckley's positions were repulsive (Praise of Joseph McCarthy for one thing) he was the most eloquent speaker the Conservative movement ever had and he alone came closest to providing a true philosophical basis for the Conservative movement.

But it seems our "friends", the modern neocons who have managed to completely trash Buckley's vision of the true conservative movement, are none too happy with ANY praise or respect we liberals (known to the right as DFHs, or dirty f**king hippies) give to conservatives.

Our friend Thers over at Whiskey Fire Buzzards has a great post....Here's the link
And here's the "money shot".
"The strange new respect liberals have for Ronald Reagan would be another."

That would be a very strange phenomenon indeed, were it to exist. Reagan is "respected" by liberals only to the extent that he was no George W. Bush, which is like saying that snot is "respectable" because it's not diarrhea."

Read the whole'll enjoy it.

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