Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blurb and X-post

First, the lengthy cross-post here

and a short blurb.......

Blue Texan who blogs at firedoglake gives us the latest slap at Obama' Patriotism from the last remaining brilliant essayist of the modern Neocon movement, Jonah Goldberg.....
got that?

Okay, when your done laughing click here to read the funniest parts. But here's a snippet, or two:

"If you can't even say the word [patriotism], how can you claim to love your country?"

Hmmm, good point. I can't really remember the last time I heard Obama say the word "patriotism" -- so clearly, he's an America-hating subversive.

But wait! Teh Google tells me that Obama says the word "patriotism" all the time. Whew.


"When Democrats do speak of patriotism, it is usually as a means of finding fault with Republicans, corporations or America itself. Hence the irony that questioning the patriotism of liberals is a grievous sin, but doing likewise to conservatives is fine."

Now I'm totally confused.

I thought we had established: (1) Obama, like other Democrats, never talks about patriotism. (2) Not talking about patriotism makes you unpatriotic, whereas talking about it proves you're patriotic. But now we've got, (3) Democrats talk about patriotism to say mean things about Republicans; therefore (4) Democrats are in fact, according to (2), patriotic.

Go read....enjoy....

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