Sunday, December 09, 2007

Meeting night on Thursday

I've been a bit behind on posting lately but that's because the world has suddenly turned very very demanding of me and I've had to spread myself pretty thin for the past six weeks.

I haven't seen the agenda yet but I did confirm with Dave that Thursday night is our normal monthly meeting night and, as usual it's at the Legion Hall in Pittsville at 6:30 P.M...

The biggest national news, and by far, the most disappointing, is that at least two, and possible three members of our national leadership were briefed on Bush Administration torture er...ah..."harsh interrogation techniques" know waterboarding? as far back as 2002. These same leaders then proceeded to spin and equivocate (e.g. LIE THROUGH THEIR TEETH) to the rest of us for almost five years. It's all over the web and on some progressive sites, there is a call for Nancy Pelosi to resign....

Yes, it's true. Nancy was one of the so-called "gang of eight" who was briefed on teh techniques, along with Jane Harmon. Here's the link to the version of the story on the Washington Post site. Read it ....but keep the vomit bucket handy.

The implications of this news are staggering. As one blogger put it, it's not that our own Democratic leadership was ineffectual in stopping the Bush administration from using torture, they were, in fact, complicit in it. Some bloggers (like Digby) are suggesting that primary opponents for each of the complicit Democrats are in order....specifically against Jane Harmon who barely survived a primary challenge last cycle/and they are also suggesting that Pelosi step down as Speaker.

I'm personally sickened by this 'bout you?

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