Monday, December 17, 2007

All time hits...of this one...

This comes to us courtesy of Jesus' General and the tapes of Truth Radio and Kent Hovind.

Keep in mind, these are transcripts from actual radio shows......

a few snippets for your entertainment:

Low cholesterol and its link to infertility. Keep in mind the big picture. Satan hates God. And Satan and God have been at war for 6,000 years. God's plan is fill the world with kids. [...] Satan, of course, wants the opposite. He wants to reduce the world's population to zero as soon as possible. And so Satan is going to work towards reduction of the population and lowering cholesterol is good way of doing that.

Truth Radio 19 April 2006 @ 35:30 (Tape 2)

If evolution is true, you could not know that it's true because your brain is nothing but chemicals. Think about that.Source: Seminar Transcript circa 1999Source:

I happen to believe - I don't know if I could prove this - I happen to believe that during the original creation with the canopy of water overhead, increased air pressure and filtered sunlight, fermentation was not possible. I don't think Noah knew what he was doing when he got drunk. It was an accident. He was used to making the grape juice [...] so I'm going to give Noah the benefit of the doubt and assume his getting drunk was purely accidental ignorance.Truth Radio 1 August 2006 (Tape 1)

I think somebody has been slipping crazy pills into the watersupply.....

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