Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hooray for the grumpy old man!!!!

Those of us who have known Dave Obey for a while (like 30 years) know he has a tendency to be....ummmmmmm.....blunt......okay...downright grumpy....but we love him anyway. And here's exactly why we love him:

From this morning's Washington Post:

"Absent a Republican willingness to sit down and work out a reasonable compromise, I think we ought to end the game and go to the president's numbers," Obey said. "I was willing to listen to the argument that we ought to at least add more for Afghanistan, but when the White House refuses to compromise, when the White House continues to stick it in our eye, I say to hell with it."


a stern veto threat this weekend from White House budget director Jim Nussle put the deal in jeopardy, and Obey said he is prepared for a long standoff with the White House.

"If anybody thinks we can get out of here this week, they're smoking something illegal," he said

Yeah.....that's the Dave Obey we love....and exactly WHY we love him!

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