Monday, November 19, 2007

Obama - Cheney Ticket?

I used to respect Tom Friedman.

I thought his premier book, The Lexus and the Olive Tree, was a brilliant insight. But I think Sept 11, 2001 made him crazy; so crazy in fact that he endorsed invading Iraq, has supported the Bush "axis of evil" agenda, and now....

Here's how he suported the invasion of Iraq:

"... think it [the invasion of Iraq] was unquestionably worth doing, Charlie....We needed to go over there, basically, um, and um, uh, take out a very big state right in the heart of that world and burst that bubble, and there was only one way to do it....What they needed to see was American boys and girls going house to house, from Basra to Baghdad, um and basically saying, "Which part of this sentence don't you understand?"You don't think, you know, we care about our open society, you think this bubble fantasy, we're just gonna to let it grow?Well Suck. On. This.

Then, there's the famous "crazier than thou" column:

"No, the axis-of-evil idea isn't thought through -- but that's what I like about it. It says to these countries and their terrorist pals: "We know what you're cooking in your bathtubs. We don't know exactly what we're going to do about it, but if you think we are going to just sit back and take another dose from you, you're wrong. Meet Don Rumsfeld -- he's even crazier than you are.'"

now he proposes an Obama/Cheney's the text:

"If she were taking advantage of Mr. Cheney's madness, Secretary Rice would be going to Tehran and saying to the Iranians: "Look, I'm ready to cut a deal with you guys, but I have to tell you, back home, I've got Cheney on my back and he is truly craaaaazzzzy. You guys don't know the half of it. He thinks waterboarding is what you do with your grandchildren at the pool on Sunday. I'm not sure how much longer I can restrain him. So maybe we should have a serious nuke talk, and, if it goes well, we'll back off regime change" . . .

But Mr. Obama's stress on engaging Iran, while a useful antidote to the Bush boycott policy, is not sufficient. Mr. Obama evinces little feel for generating the leverage you'd need to make such diplomacy work. When negotiating with murderous regimes like Iran's or Syria's, you want Tony Soprano by your side, not Big Bird. Mr. Obama's gift for outreach would be so much more effective with a Dick Cheney standing over his right shoulder, quietly pounding a baseball bat into his palm."

So we need the "crazy uncle in the attic" standing by the side in order to enforce out will against other nations?

I think I'll reread that book .....I may have been mistaken about the "brilliant insights".

Oh Yeah, Fran Townsend has resigned from the Bush Administration.......

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