Wednesday, November 07, 2007

About that Mukasey Confirmation...cave-in....

The "rude one" (aka The Rude Pundit) has a characteristically rude but nevertheless accurate description..

Warning: if you can't tolerate profanity don't click on this link. At any rate, here are a few snippets:

The saddest part about the Mukasey cave-in by Democrats was that it was so (redacted) predictable. Democrats do their wittle dance o' outwage, stompin' their cute toddler feet on the ground, balling up their fists and declaring, "No way, no how," before finally (redacted)themselves and crying to be loved. The second some of the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee voiced concern about Michael Mukasey for his inability to say if waterboarding is torture, we knew the way it was gonna go down. It's just (redacted)depressing, innit?


For extra-deep-oh-(redacted)-pass-the-loaded-Glock despair, read Chuck Schumer's rank justification of why he's giving Mukasey the thumbs-up in the New York Times today. ....
Apparently, Mukasey personally assured Schumer that he'd enforce any laws passed by Congress. And it speaks volumes about our America that Schumer would feel that it's a valid point in Mukasey's favor. One might think that enforcing the law is pretty much the basic function of the job of Attorney General. But as debased as the Justice Department has become, all of a sudden it's a noble quality in someone. These (redacted)ers have lowered the bar so far down that moles tower above it.

Boy....isn't that the truth? How bad is it that we consider a nominee to be acceptable simply because he/she promises to obey the law? I always thought that obeying the law was the default position for any citizen of the United States. Apparently, it isn't a default position for members of the Bush Administration.

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