Monday, November 26, 2007

Good Morning!

I've taken a bit of a blog vacation while attending to both civic and family matters but hope that most of that activity has settled down now and I can get back to my beloved internet(s)...

A bit of good Democratic party news:

First, Senator Harry Reid deserves a loud ATTABOY! for stifling Bush's favorite stunt of appoint rightwing nutjobs that he couldn't get through the Senate during the recess periods. These recess appointments were thwarted when give 'em hell, Harry called the Senate back into session (for less than a minute as I understand it) twice during the Thanksgiving break to keep Bush from making "recess appointments". Of course the Wall Street Journal editorial page excoriated Harry for it but for my money, Harry is finally showing some legislative savvy.

Way to go Harry!

More good news!

Senator Trent Lott is resigning. Nobody seems to know why he's resigning in only the second year of his six-year term, but there appears to have something to do with the tougher new laws concerning lobbying after you have served as a U. S. Senator. After January 1, a retiring Senator will have to wait two years before he becomes an official lobbyist. (on edit.... OOPS! I meant Mississippi, not Louisiana...sorry ;)Some liberal bloggers are upset because they won't be able to joke about Trent Lott's "Minnie Pearle hairpiece" anymore. Me? I'm glad the SOB is gone but fear for the worst with his replacement. hehehehe....thanks to Brother Attaturk for the picture and slogan.....

On State News....I want to formally Thank Senator Julie Lassa for her almost heroic efforts to amend the Cable Bill in the Legislature. That lady is a fighter and we....Wood County Democrats...are DAMN LUCKY TO HAVE HER....Thanks Julie! can show your appreciation to Julie by showing up at a reception (coughfundraisercough) in Stevens Point on December 5th....It will be at Clark Place, 1009 Clark Street in Stevens Point from 5- 7 P.M.....rsvps and "other things" can be sent to Friends of Julie Lassa....

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