Monday, June 04, 2007

Whew! Look at this:

This is from Lee Rayburn's blog that accompanies his radio show on WXXM, 92.1 The Mic in Madison....Looks like quite a show in Beloit on Saturday.

Democracy Good & Messy at 2nd CD Dem Convention

Saturday 06-02-2007 6:16pm CT
I think I may have been the ONLY member of the media in attendance at today's 2nd Congressional District of Wisconsin's Democratic Convention at Beloit College. State Democratic Chairman Joe Wineke began this morning by announcing that he has resigned his lobbyist position with AT&T. As a result, two resolutions from the 2nd CD asking Wineke to step down were taken off the table. Because I had publicly disapproved of his apparent conflict of interest, he kept telling me that I should know better. Hopefully, he'll join us on the radio, I'll ask him about it & we can move forward together. During one of the elections for officers, there were accusations of ballot-stuffing which forced a recount. The accusations ended up being unfounded. I will have the full story for you with accompanying audio on Monday morning. Seriously, I can't wait...

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