Thursday, June 14, 2007

Up Against the Wall!!!!

Steve Day's site, Last Chance Democracy Cafe' has their every-other-Thursday edition of "Ask Winston" up and it asks a very serious question.

Under the general question "Should Alberto Gonzolas be impeached?", Winston writes:

"What’s at stake here is nothing less than the rule of law in the United States. And if Democrats won’t go to the wall for that, then just exactly when will they? "

let's repeat that: "....then just exactly when will they?"

We had a recent test of political courage locally and we rose to the occasion quite nicely. True, when push came to shove, there were a few wobbly knees, but that's to be expected. (Some of us old high school athletes know the "wobbly knee" feeling just before a big's's natural) The important thing is that when we had to stand for our principles, we didn't shirk ...we stood together.


We need our elected officials to do the same thing. Especially that group of Democrats in the United States Senate who seem to find all kinds of "practical reasons" for capitulating to the Republicans or compromising the principles upon which our party is based, or, to rationalize their failure to do the job we elected them to do.

We know about their "collapse" on the War Funding Resolution but lesser known is their capitulation to the Republicans on "Abstinence Only Education" . That took place just this week and flew mostly under the radar screen.

I'm not being specifically critical of our own two Wisconsin Senators. Of our two Senators, Feingold has consistently shown a spine...while Kohl...occasionally exhibits one but not Reid and a few others that I worry about.

Courage of Convictions...that's what is needed now more than ever....

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