Sunday, June 03, 2007


Just after the Dairyfest Parade in Marshfield ended yesterday, I received a phone call telling me that Joe Wineke had stood up at the 2nd CD Convention and resigned his lobbying position with AT & T. This is, of course, what we asked for in our County Party Resolution and at the meeting with him last Wednesday.

The dispute is over for all practical purposes but Joe did ask us to seek "common ground" on the issue of lobbying by party officials in the future. We'll honor our pledge to him.

Speaking of the parade......

THANKS NORM TRITZ! You did a great job on the float....except you drove too fast for the candy-givers to get refills.....but that happens everytime the little beggars mug us for candy..

DeDe...! Thanks soooooo much !

Naddy! You were great!

Will we see everybody in the Rapids Parade?

We still don't know how foul-up with Julie Lassas entry happened...the car never showed up and her staffers were apparently wandering around aimlessly....lost...and couldn't even find our float.. The arrangements for the car were made from Madison so I have no clue who dropped the ball so to speak...but both Becky and I were confused....I didn't find Julies staffers until the parade was over.

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Bernard TRITZ said...

Congratulations to Norm Tritz

from Bernard Tritz
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