Monday, September 25, 2006

WHAT Liberal Media?

This is making me just a little bit crazy.

It’s an article of faith among Republicans that anything, and I DO MEAN ANYTHING, that supports a liberal/progressive point of view is simply prima facie evidence of the existence of the LIBERAL MEDIA.

The truth, however, if far, far from the that and today, we have two examples of the “liberal media” at work. The first is put forward from the folks at The Daily Howler is a little bit long but extremely well documented and I reprint snippets here to give you and idea of the context of the piece but I encourage you to read the whole thing.

The second example is simply visual and it says it all.

Here's the snippet from The Daily Howler:

But in this same column, this Dean of All Pundits serves up a startling confession. Finally, more than six years later, we’re finally told why this Pundit Dean worked so hard to put Bush where he is. Here is Broder’s fuller passage about our “lawless” commander:

BRODER: Bush was elected twice, over Democrats Al Gore and John Kerry, whose know-it-all arrogance rankled Midwesterners such as myself. The country thought Bush was a pleasant, down-to-earth guy who would not rock the boat. Instead, swayed by some inner impulse or the influence of Dick Cheney, he has proved to be lawless and reckless. He started a war he cannot finish, drove the government into debt and repeatedly defied the Constitution

But David Broder didn’t always see things that way. In fact during the 2000 Campaign, he had THIS to say about Bush.

BRODER (8/6/00): Lifted by an acceptance speech of exceptional eloquence and powered by a party enjoying unusual unity, Texas Gov. George W. Bush embarks on the final stage of his quest for the White House with prospects that almost measure up to his brimming self-confidence.

He has passed the first three tests on the way to the presidency with room to spare. He won the nomination early and with minimal bloodshed. He picked a solid running mate in former defense secretary Dick Cheney...And the acceptance speech he delivered Thursday night was a success.

It contained almost everything good political rhetoric can provide—humor, personal warmth, effective jibes at the opposition and glimpses of what his father, the former president, used to call "the vision thing." And Bush had rehearsed it enough to make it his own.

The Daily Howler article meticulously documents how Broder and his fellow journalists carried out a well planned, well scripted vendetta against Al Gore and in favor of George W. Bush. The press corps branded Gore (an later Kerry) a “Know-it-all” and never missed an opportunity to publicly brand them as such. Broder and his bretheran knew quite well that their efforts would turn certain key classes of voters against Gore (and Kerry) and by persisting they would “anoint” George W. Bush.

And now, the Newsweek covers. Just look at what is being told OUTSIDE of the United States as opposed to what is being told to US! Protecting the administration? I think so.

On a final, note!

Liberal media my ass!


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