Sunday, September 10, 2006

Best Political Cartoon of the week?

Maybe it is!

Nick Anderson from the Houston Chronicle

btw: Our power came back on at around 6:45 this morning....I don't know how long it was off but I discovered it at 5:30 this know what freaked me out though?

All the devices in the house WITH BATTERY BACK-UP went out also....I was thinking in terms of EMP (Electro magnetic pulse in nuclear explosions)


Oh yeah, I almost forgot:



Susang takes off on Repubs for failure to "fact check" The Road to 9/11:

Because no matter how stupid you think conservatives are -- you get two or more of them in a group, and it's like a singularity of stupid, from which no actual competence can escape. They're just that goddamn dumb.

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