Thursday, September 28, 2006

Democratic Party Campaign Theme 2006

Better late than never I guess, but this was just printed as a Buzzflash Guest Editorial today and althought I think the author (Brent Budowsky) missed some opportunities, I still think this is a great theme. I've edited it for our purposes here on the blog but I strongly encourage you to click the link and read the whole thing.

It is, in my opinion...the type of theme that we have been grasping for and I think he found it.....


America is a big and good country, based on some big and good ideas, beginning with a respect for truth, a respect for the diversity of our people, a respect for the integrity of our democratic debate, a respect for the idea of an informed people making intelligent decisions in a country that believes the truth will keep us free.


America is a big country and a good country and at the heart of it all, is a respect for truth, and what we have lost, is this respect for truth. Nothing is more dangerous to our democracy than leaders who promote the disrespect for truth.


America is a big country and a good country, and our people hunger for a return to the first principles of our freedom, the respect for the integrity of our debates, the respect for the insitutions of our democracy, the respect for the very notion of truth itself.


America is a big country and a good country, where we are all welcome in the real America, where Lady Liberty raises her torch without regard to our color, where the Liberty Bell rings without regard to our religion, where the great documents of our democracy rest in our archives not as dead hands of the past, not as cheap words for the politicians, but as time honored truths to preserve, protect and defend.

America is a big country and a good country, and that is the case we take to the country, in this election year.
Brent Budowsky I offer you Democrats a challenge....USE THE THEME....and add your own reason why America is a big country and a good country .....add it along in the comments section...and maybe, just maybe we'll submit it to the NEWSPAPERS


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Ed said...

c'mon gang....jump in...

I'll tell ya what........I'll do one for a KICK START... and you can jump in...okay?

America is a big Country and a Great Country. It is as big as the hearts of the millions of volunteers who give their time, talent and money to their neighbors to make their communities better places to live and to victims of natural disasters. It is as great as the ideals upon which it was founded and as great as Lady Liberty's shining beacon of hope. This is what we, as Democrats, believe.

Give it a try....