Sunday, October 21, 2007

News and view...

Yeah, I know it's lame but here are a few tidbits that our membership needs to catch up on...

First, CONGRATULATIONS to the Clark County Democratic Party on their very, very successful 39th Annual Clark County Democrats Dinner. I attended and it was wonderful. Mel and Jordan do an excellent job of organizing the affair and it is becoming an "absolute must" for politicians of State-wide stature. Last night I was entertained by Senator Pat Kreitlow who was one of the three upset victories that helped put the State Senate in Democratic Party control. Pat is a great speaker. Then Dave Obey graced us with stories of the "old days" in the State Legislature. Dave is past the "red-meat politician" stage now and quickly becoming a respected "elder statesman". I'll be sure to be on hand for the 40th dinner.

Hmmmmm....maybe we should throw an "annual dinner"...what do you think?

Next....good news....the Governor stepped in like a stern parent and forced a compromise budget bill on Friday night. I talked to some "insiders" at the dinner on Saturday night and they all seem very pleased with the budget.....I'm not sure I understand the detail, but one of the "biggies" said in a speech that apparently the "Wisconsin Republicans (unlike George W. Bush) believe in global warming, because there's no money for the Department of Transportation in the budget so they must think there won't be any more snow."

The budget which has been agreed upon by Republican leader Huebsch, Democratic leader Judy Robson and the Governor still takes money from the Malpractice Trust Fund and INCREASES the amount taken from $175 Million to $200 Million....

I'm adding a personal note here.

At last Thursday night's meeting Dave Wille was nominated for another term as County Chair. He said he doesn't want to be Chair for life and I think he was a bit afraid after he said it that it might have indicated a reluctance on his part to assume the position once again.


Don't worry. We didn't take that the "wrong" way.

Oh yeah........

LoLo should be returning from Africa tomorrow....anxious to hear the stories.

Interesting times we live in huh?


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