Monday, October 22, 2007

Interesting Post

this came from CT_democrat over at Democraticunderground....thought it was interesting:

Logical Fallacy : "You need Independent/Republican votes to win.

"Status: False.

Most people believe that to win an election, any election, you need votes from Independents and the opposite party. This is, of course, totally false. It has been proven that not everyone votes, and more importantly, not everyone votes in every election. Meticulous statistical data has been gathered, and has proven that some people, who have voted in the past, simply do not vote sometimes. And also, some people who almost never vote, sometimes do. In other words, a person is not simply "a voter" or "a non-voter". The amount of people that vote fluctuates.

Thusly, in order to win an election, one does not need to pander to the middle, be centrist, or get Independent and/or cross-over votes from the other party. All they need to do, is get their OWN BASE off their asses and to the polls to vote, and they will win.

Maybe some of the National Democratic leadership needs to read this....especially since they were "taken to the woodshed" by nonother than the New York Times on yesterday's editorial page..

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