Saturday, July 29, 2006

Madness! Sheer Madness!

When I first heard or read these words of pResident Bush yesterday, I thought, "Surely, these must have ben taken out of context by some over-zealous denizen of "Left-Blogostan". " But now, I've seen the words on video taped replays. I've read transcripts from major news sources and the words were real.

Here's a synopsis:

President Bush proudly declared that American foreign policy no longer seeks to “manage calm,” and derided policies that let anger and resentment lie “beneath the surface.” Bush said that the violence in the Middle East was evidence of a more effective foreign policy that addresses “root causes.”

a couple of snippets for your enjoyment (actually it's Tristero and not Digby's words)

This is sheer, abject lunacy of the sort that imagined the invasion of Iraq would lead to city squares in Iraq named after George W. Bush and the invasion would pay for itself out of oil revenues. The only appropriate reaction is to very loudly proclaim this is the reasoning of madmen. No rational human being thinks like this.
It's lunacy!

and another:

Repeat: there are no serious issues to be "engaged" in Bush's latest drooling remarks. The people who came up with an American foreign policy based on addressing "root causes" and no longer managing calm need straitjackets. Neither they, nor you, nor the rest of the world will benefit by opportunities to discuss these sick delusions. Under no circumstances should you try to do so.

It's madness....

Where are the rational voices?


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