Friday, August 26, 2005


Today, August 26, Dave Wille, Chairman of the Wood County Democratic Party, appeared on two local radio stations including WDLB here in the Marshfield area. The program he appeared on is called the Insight Program, hence the title of today's blog. The program was totally refreshing and interesting. The moderator asked pertinent questions, allowed Dave to finish explaining his thoughts, and chimed in with helpful comments of his own when needed. Several of us, including me, called in with questions concerning education, mixing of religion with politics, the war in Iraq, and other current concerns. One person even called in to ask for more information on affiliating with the Democratic Party. Dave was adept at using many facts and figures to prove his points on education, the war, and other topics. It was so refreshing to listen to a talk radio program in which the parties were not yelling, screaming, and interrupting each other that I just had to email Ryan Lindsey, the moderator, to tell him how much I enjoyed the program. Here is the most amazing part: Ryan emailed back to say that today was perhaps the one with the most positive feedback he had ever gotten in the two years that he had moderated the program. So--this was a very exciting day for me and I want to share this good news with all of you party members.

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Ed said...

Bot Dave and Ryan did an excellent job.

I think something interesting happened on the Friday show. I think that once people heard somebody voicing views that they have been afraid to express pulicly, they jumped in and added their voices.

One person who called in must have been afraid he would be cut off because he raised a dozen (I'm probably exaggerating but not by much) issues in about 30 seconds.

It was a great show and I, too, will email Ryan with my compliments.