Friday, August 05, 2005

Blog How-to

In response to the Web site survey I emailed, I have seen a couple of common threads: 1) that events and meeting information is found to be the most useful feature of for our members and 2) the blog needs to be more "user-friendly." Since this is a free service offered through, there is nothing I can offer to change the format of this blog (other than to change some of the visual aspects), but I can, given a suggestion from one of our members, offer a how-to for people who wish to post on the blog.
You can post, even anonymously, by clicking on comments in the lower right bottom corner of each post.
In order to start a new thread, you must be invited to the blog. If you wish to be invited, email me at Once invited, you will receive an email from Blogger Invites. Follow the link in the email. When you get to the Blogger screen, scroll down and click on the "Create an Account" button. Choose a username and password for the account and you are on your way.
To post, just login (if you are on a private computer, you can click on the box where it says "remember me").
Once you are signed in, you will arrive at the "dashboard." Click on "new post" and type away. When you are done, hit submit.