Sunday, September 11, 2005

A taste of New Orleans to share with the people who still back this failed administration

Today, I found out that one of my blacksheep Republican relatives (who, by the way, is poor and without transportation, much the same as the people stranded on rooftops after the hurricane) forwarded a message she received from her daughter (who would be penniless had it not been for the Pell Grants that paid for her schooling during the Clinton administration) about how Hurricane Katrina was a man-made disaster: a welfare state. This article is far too obscene to be republished here, so I will spare you the details. Obviously from one of those faux journalists.
I, on the other hand, am an accredited journalist, but opt to use blogs and editorials to express opinions rather than a news page.
I am mad as hell, but have been advised not to write, email or call these family members because there is no getting through to them. But where words fail, perhaps a little care package can do the trick. And here is my suggestion:
Take one box of Zatarain's Dirty Rice. Add one steaming dog turd. Reseal the box. Package and send via priority mail (and yes, you can send feces through the mail, as I have done this to break up with a former beau-yeah, you don't want to mess with me), and for the return address, use the name and whereabouts of another equally hated Bush backer (not Republican-there are some good ones out there). In the bottom of the box, place a note saying the following:
"Thought you might enjoy this taste of New Orleans. This is all that the citizens of this city were left with for five days as incompetent government officials finished up their vacations. They waded through it and drank it as it was their only option. These people were good people; the kind of people Jesus died on the cross to save. Since you feel they deserved to have their city flooded and families die, I think I am justified in saying that you are the kind of person whom Lucifer was rejected for and he has a nice warm place waiting for you. So get used to eating this Dirty Rice. And by the way, that isn't sausage."


Ed said...

For a while, at least, it looked like Bush was going to be successful in laying the majority of the blame for the tragedy in New Orleans at the feet of the Governor and Mayor, thereby escaping unscathed from his failures once again.

But the scapegoating isn't working this time. The American people have heard it all before and their tired of it.

My parents used to tell me the allegory of the two parents who proudly stood by the curb awaiting their sons premier event in the high school marching band. The band rounded the corner and the father shouted proudly, "There he is!" And the mother quickly added, "And look, EVERYBODY is out of step but our Johnnie!"

The American people, and thankfully some Republicans have finally noticed that the only one "out of step" is George W. Bush. His finger-pointing and scapegoating won't work again. We've all seen too much of it far too many times.

And finally, for all of us who have been fighting this regime for almost five years, a word of encouragement from a poster on the famous . This should give us all some reason to hope.

We fight because others are too timid, or lack the conscience of the humanity we fight for. We are old, but wise beyond our years. We have fought this fight before, and won; we fight again, if for no other reason than it is simply the right thing to do. by Rasputin 1952

Keep the faith everybody.


Ed said...

I have to post a link to the great article by Frank Rich in the New York Times this morning. It captures the bush adminsitration so accurately that it must be shared.

Here's the "free" link:

We need to share this not just among ourselves but among others who do not necessarily share our political views.