Friday, May 20, 2005

Conservative = Conformity

Identify the red nemesis! Yes, the Republican party under the leadership of Bush and his corporate contributors is showing its true stripes of Parastroika with their big government shenanigans. Uniformity reigns supreme as every town comes equipped with one media monopoly that includes TV, radio, print, cable and Internet access, one gigantic blue box for all your shopping needs--Wal-mart--and a handful of big restaurants where you better like the crap they are serving because there is no other choice until you hit the border!
Enough people have falsely compared Bush to Hitler. He is not like Hitler... he is like Stalin, a man who sentenced his own people to death (see Bush's gubernatorial record in the state of Texas). Stalin. Bush. Each man has taken a fairly decent form of government, and through his abuse of power, corrupted it so that it will never again be recognized as a positive force in global politics. Each man has committed atrocities that have served to destroy the credibility of his political party. Our mission is to make this known.
Identify the red nemesis! Dig out that "Better dead than Red" button and let the world know who the real enemy is.

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